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CPD training courses are widely excepted in the UK as a benchmark for Excellency. In fact most professionals in all sectors of working life are using these services and relay on these certificates to further their careers. CPD courses are generally governed by sector-specific professional bodies or regulators. Employers too increasingly expect their staff to undertake CPD training on an annual basis and would even measure their staff performance partially based on the outcome of CPD learning. <

Any individual who is a member of a professional body is likely to have CPD requirements laid out for them by the association. Currently there are over 1,400 professional bodies, institutes and membership associations nationally in the UK. They represent all industries and professions, all have CPD policies known as CPD schemes in place for the membership to participate in.

Find out how an effective online training strategy can improve knowledge and increase productivity in your organisation! – Over 400 Courses Available! There isn’t really one clear definition for online training and there are even more names for it: online learning, computer based training, e-Learning, distance learning, self-paced learning, asynchronous training, and the list goes on…

The type of online training that we’re talking about is a form of instruction that involves the creation of learning content focused around a specific topic which is then assembled in to a variety of multimedia elements such as presentations, interactive content, graphics, audio, and video which form a course. This content is then uploaded in to a delivery tool known as a Learning Management System (LMS) and courses are made available to learners and accessed via a web browser.

Kerote Ltd puts the student at the heart of all considerations made when approaching and positioning the structure and principles we use for developing and delivering qualifications and training.

With a clearly defined and well developed working relationship with Awarding Organisations, together with Psittacus Systems unique, market leading, Blended Learning Environment (BLE), our quality assurance marks and frameworks applied to subject specific contents of programmes, and the use of ’Subject Matter Experts’ (SME) to deliver and assess the learning, our format and quality assurance cannot be rivalled. Kerote Ltd don’t just provide a certificate of completion, we provide learners with a proof of knowledge. By using technology and looking at issues which have previously prevented Qualifications from being completely delivered online, Kerote Ltd are at the forefront in producing and developing QCF Qualifications which are 100% accessible online, therefore reducing costs dramatically.

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If you are looking for training services so that you can support your staff, remain compliant, get a new job, start a new career or expand your current learning and development then this the place to start. Kerote Ltd offers Accredited healthcare training programs, which mean that you are able to access training courses anywhere, anytime on any device.

With the care training courses you will be able to gain QCF qualifications where you learn mainly in an online environment so you can do the health care training courses when and where suits you. However, there are some classroom time required for some care staff training courses which means that you get the advantages of being face to face with a tutor or mentor as well as the flexibility of being able to do some of the work at your convenience, this is called Blended Learning. The online nature of the courses means that they are cheaper and more accessible for everyone so even the busiest care worker or care manager will be able to fit some learning in to their lifestyle. This is especially useful for those doing shift work and uneven work patterns so unable to commit to a regular training course.

For employees, CPD helps them keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date. It also ensures that the professional standard of their qualifications and registrations is maintained. Furthermore, it contributes to their professional sense of direction. Completing CPD helps build their confidence and credibility, allows them to showcase their achievements and equips them with tools to cope positively with change.

CPD is beneficial for employees’ career progression and advancement. In real terms, this means that CPD contributes to achieving higher salaries.

For employers, the primary benefit of CPD is ensuring that standards across the company are high and consistent. CPD also promotes greater work engagement from the workforce and general commitment to job roles. Having a number of employees undertake CPD, whether concurrently or over a period of time, allows for the sharing of best practice and support. CPD also contributes to maximising staff potential, improves staff moral and provides a useful benchmark for annual appraisals.
  • Essential qualification system to support the learning process
  • Qualified workforce increase productivity
  • Establishing learning workplace ethos
  • Preserving marketplace position via education

Why and What Qualifications? Recent years have seen major shifts in professional boundaries within health and social care, increasingly Healthcare Support Workers, Nurses and other registered practitioners are taking on roles that they have no formal training or can provide evidence that they are 'Qualified' to carry out a specific Clinical Skill or other Specialist area of Care. With the above in mind, The Quality Care Academy have and are constantly developing new 'Bite-size' Qualifications which have been specially created for practitioners and Healthcare Support Workers giving them the knowledge and confidence to boost career prospects and improve history-taking, clinical examination and decision-making skills. For Care Providers, this gives you the confidence, knowledge and evidence to the inspectorate that your workforce are suitably 'Qualified' to provide the care required of your service users and patients alike. Focusing on high-quality teaching with plenty of opportunity to develop skills in a practical setting, our courses and qualifications welcomes students from a variety of fields, giving them the chance to share experiences and best practice but most of all give them the knowledge, therefore confidence to cope and provide the care they are being asked to deliver.

Competence/NOS based qualifications are unit-based, flexible qualifications which are developed to support individuals to demonstrate occupational competence in a role. Learners are assessed on their ability to perform and demonstrate competence in the workplace. The units within the qualifications can also be used for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and career progression.

Benefits of Competence/NOS based qualifications

Learner: a variety of qualifications and pathways that lead to a flexible qualification, which allows for career development and progression.
The use of common units across appropriate qualifications ensures learners do not have to repeat the same learning and are able to transfer unit credits
Professions: develops competent healthcare support roles and a step onto and up the career framework
Organisations: a tool to support staff in developing their skills and knowledge. They ensure that staff are qualified for the job they are doing and can deliver safe and effective high quality healthcare We provide learners with qualification certificates and keep all the information in relation to registered training and assessment centre that provide the qualifications.

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Kerote Ltd is B2B CPD training provider. We base our reputation on the quality of the courses and the after sale services on offer. Despite the fact that we swim in a big pond, our main advantage is the attention given to details and the speed which we can deliver our coursework to the students. We cater for the needs of small & Medium Size (SME) companies as well as large corporations.

Our business model is based on the idea that flexibility is the main key to success in today's working life environment. In order to give the customer greater control on the way they run and administrated the courses to his users (Employees), we devised a customised Manager Landing Page (MLP) where the courses can be managed by you directly and reordered when necessary too.

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CPD Qualifications on the Platform are Accredited and Certificated by The CPD Accreditation Group


Studying with Kerote gave me a perfect opportunity to learn what I exactly want to pursue in terms of education. The course I chose is filled with information and challenge me to excel and fulfill my goals. It structured in a friendly but also industry experienced so that we can learn from their amazing experiences right away.

The staff members care about the future career of students and are here do help.


Start your E-Learning by exploring our list of available courses on on variety of different subjects and topics. Our courses designed to be viewed and studied at home or in the office and on your own pace. In fact the courses can follow you even on your holidays or any any location where coffee and peaceful environment are at hand.

The courses are designed by experts in their field and administrated in practical manner.

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We currently have over 30 e-books available and. In a addition we stock a number of videos on variety of subjects that can be accessed too. You can purchase e-book or videos from the Library catalogue.

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