Commitment to Student’s needs

The methods of learning and further education via traditional coursework had limited the user to a specific time and place which not always correspond with the learner personal needs.
E-Learning had change the perception of both students and institutes with
regards to the student development and aspirations.

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How we do it?

Once the learner had chosen and booked the course, our system would issue access codes (User Name & Password) via an email.
The learner now can activate the coursework and commence learning.
The learning can be completed in one session or over a multiple visits to our learning site. On the compilation of the coursework and the final test, a certificate will be issued to verify the achievement reached.

  • We sell E-Learning courses all over the world.
  • Satisfaction or money refund guaranteed.
  • Lifetime updates & support.
  • 24/7 courses at time to suit the learner.
  • We provide best tools ever.


OUr courses are sold around the world and our learner database is still growing.


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Time just fly.

How we got started

We start taking interest in E-Learning through our own need to improve staff skills and personal development.  Productivity and developing learning capacity on individual bases is very impotent to us.

Kerote Ltd  E-Learning division was born out of personal necessity to improve own education and to continue to compete in the workplace with ever growing demands for better skills and achievements. Originally the company was setup to supply the ever increasing demand for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and online retails projects.

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