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LocalTips.Net Business Directory is expanding its reach and services.

No longer limited to a specific location, we are now operating in the United Kingdom as well as the USA and Canada with over 4200 individual businesses entries. Originally created as an internal expansion tool, we very quickly realised the commercial potential LocalTips.Net has to offer. All business registrations on the site are currently FREE and would continue to be so although we may introduce new functions in the future which will be offered separately.

localTips.Net is designed to effectively introduce your business and share your local places & businesses experience with your customers . An easy to use platform with many local places & businesses, allowing users to add locations they feel would be of benefit to others. Our goal is to help connect customers and tradesmen by being a cost effective options and services.

Building an amazing website and investing loads of money and effort to get it up and running is just the beginning.

Once the site is up you must find a way to introduce and attract traffic and potential customers to view the information on display. Registering your new site and building reputation via customer feedback is an essential tool to the well being of your business.

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