Personal Achievement In The Workplace

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22nd November 2018
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9th December 2018

Personal Achievement In The Workplace


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1 Personal Achievement In The Workplace

Personal Achievement In The Workplace

Trust being a genuine requirement in any human interaction and can be earned or lost over time.  Losing trust is not necessarily caused by one party acting dishonestly rather than lake of personal investment in the relationship between the two parties.

Business too is heavily rely on trust and the common presumption is to measure the feeling of the customer towards the product and the company who supplied, manufactured and created the item or service.  Indeed much time and effort is invested in the search for better relationship between the provider and the customer.

It is a well known fact that people do buy people and since most products and services are very similar in nature.  Therefore, the seller main contribution to the sale is measured in his approach to his customer and the service he provides, before and after sale.

Many years ago, I went to a lecture and the very first thing the lecturer did was to ask us all a question.  He wanted to know how many people in the audience are “Commission only salesman”? If I remember correctly only two hands went up.  The lecturer then explained that we all COS since judgement is passed on our results and efforts. We are by his definition commision only salesman.

Human interaction is not only work related and affects all aspects of our lives.  Our family background contribute a great deal to who we are although, throughout our life we expand and in time our own experience hopefully will leads us to excel.

Work and personal time is very much interconnected and trying to put a barrier between the two is in my view unnecessary and wasteful pursuit. It goes without say that our work should not overtake our personal and family life however, the two are very close and do effects each other.

The investment in a products is not enough to maintain a market share.  Rather it is important to equally invest in the employees and the people how drives the company forward.  Building up trust and loyalty between the employer and the employees can manifest in any levels.

Building a successful learning programme and rewards based on furthering one’s career can play an important factor on employees personal development and rule within the company.  One which can increase productivity and drives sales further.

Living in today’s society surrounded by continuous media interaction day and night provides one obvious advantage with regards to further education in the workplace.  No longer the company is required to restructure the daily activity according to the needs of the employees for time off in order to complete their educational courses.  Rather, by introducing e-Learning programmes such as CPD based courses, these can be applied and completed at any time of the day or night. Adding a new dimension of flexibility to the process.

CPD courses can be ordered and supplied directly by the employer who in turn can control the course flow and the results.  By purchasing these courses in bulk, the manager too can determined the time structure given to each employee and the latter success rate.  One added bonus point is the fact that once the course is completed the student is required to complete a knowledge test. A certificate confirming the results is then produced.  The student can elect to retake the test in cases were the results can be improved.

CPD accredited course are one way to ensure occupational education at affordable level with meaningful results both employer and his staff.

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