Open e-Learning CPD Course Bulk Account (ELBA)

Having to control the learning programme of your company employees can prove a challenge. Even controlling two to three people, could prove time consuming. One should consider applying for a online learning bulk account with us.

Our course are CPD Accredited (Continuous Professional Development). Case studies of CPD learning indicated growth in personal and professional development. Controlling the learning programme from one account create clarity for your organisation.

We provide access to the learning process and the certificates issued for each learner. As well as the ability to supervise the learners progress and to assist them with their studies. Once the certificate is issued, our system will notify you of the grades achieved and a copy certificates can be produced at no extra cost. When the system is being upgraded or new courses are added up, we will notify you too.

Although, most people connect the word BULK with hundreds and thousands of items or learners, even a small corporation (SME) can open an account (Free). To open a E-Learning Bulk Account (ELBA) you will need to supply us with your company name and address and a nominated e-Learning officer which will be in charge on the account.

The initial setting up of the account can be completed within one working day and we will be happy to discuss it further.

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