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Handling Redundancy – e-Learning CPD


Handling Redundancy – e-Learning CPD

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Handling Redundancy – e-Learning CPD

This online Handling Redundancy course will look at what a redundancy actually is, how they might be avoided and what the law says. Learners will see what the consultation process is and why having a proper selection process is important. You will learn what the notices periods are, who is entitled to a redundancy payment and how to calculate it.

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Learning Outcomes

  • What is redundancy?
  • Avoiding redundancies
  • What the law says
  • Consultation
  • Importance of consultation
  • Types of consultation
  • The selection process
  • Establishing a pool
  • Fair and unfair criteria
  • Notice and pay
  • Notice entitlements
  • Redundancy payments


60 mins

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