Health & Safety Full Startup Package CPD Training & Five Certificates £54
Health & Safety Full Startup Package CPD Training & Five Certificates £54
29th July 2019
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2nd December 2019
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Health & Safety Full Start-up Essential Package CPD Training With Five Certificates £54

£89.95 £54.00

What is the Health & Safety Package?

The package consists of five essential subjects which regarded as a cornerstone of good practice and safety in the workplace.  The package cost £54 and reflects both the value of the courses as well as the discount rate applied to the package. We recommend the e-learning method as time-saving device while keeping the learner informed of the latest practices available.  In addition, these packages can be used as a startup platform for further in-house training of staff at a later stage when necessary. More to it, we can add a free ELBA (e-Learning Bulk Account) to the package to able your business to use the service for other courses and other users in a controlled manner. 


Health and Safety package covers a wide area of subjects and affects us in all walks of life, personal and commercial.

This package is aimed at professionals who would like to be informed and have their skills tested in order to keep up with the latest developments.  The package combined of five key H&S CPD training courses, two of which are in the format of e-books.  Together, these courses will form a solid foundation to support your H&S needs.

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List of courses:

Kerote Ltd Accredited Provider No # 777104 Core Skills Framework Compliance Package

  1. The COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Regulations (2002) are designed to protect people against risks to their health when dealing with or being exposed to hazardous substances.  The COSHH training course is designed for candidates who handle chemicals as part of their daily work, this online COSHH course is ideal for induction or refresher to the new regulations.  Click here to view
  2. Under the Health & Safety legislation employers are legally required to provide themselves and/or their employees adequate Health & Safety Training. Our Online Health & Safety Course will ensure that you and your employees will comply with Health and Safety legislation and raise the awareness needed to create a healthy, safe working environment.  Click here to view
  3. Beginning with the Organisational Safety Policy planning, the company’s Safety Plan shows that Senior Management takes the commitment to worker health and safety seriously. The safety plan provides a system of policies, procedures and practices to help prevent accidents/incidents, gives workers the knowledge to help them create a safe working environment and outlines a consistent methodology for the company’s approach to Health and Safety in the workplace. It is one of the more important safety documents that a company can produce.  This course will give you the foundation to develop your Organisational Safety Planning and take the next step in building your safety culture.  Click here to view
  4. RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) places a legal duty on employers, self-employed people and people in charge of premises.  Under RIDDOR individuals are required to report: work-related deaths, major injuries or over seven-day injuries, work-related diseases and dangerous occurrences. Our online RIDDOR course will help the learner understand the necessary requirements of RIDDOR.  Click here to view
  5. Risk management has long been a key part of project management and it has also become an increasingly important part of organisational best practices. Corporations have realised that effective risk management can not only reduce the negative impact of crises; it can provide real benefits and cost savings. The risk management framework provided in this course is flexible enough for any organisation. You can apply it to a single project, a department, or use it as a basis for an enterprise-wide risk management program.  Click here to view

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Learning online or e-learning courses have a number of obvious advantages which benefit the student.  Other than being able to learn any time and in any place 24/7 add flexibility to the process. Choosing the time suits you to advance your learning.

The coursework is available to the learner to go over and to revise countless of times before finally taking the exam.  Also, should the first results are not satisfactorily, you can retake the exam again.


You are no longer restricted to set hours and having to rebook another course when the exam results are not as good as you can achieve.

  • Online courses run 24/7
  • You can log in from any place as long as you have the username & password
  • The course can be revised again countless times till the learner is ready
  • Exams can be retaken when the results can be improved
  • Certificate will be issued as soon as the exam was completed in the learner’s name
  • Your results kept safe on our system for further use by the learner
  • Courses are 100% guaranteed CPD Accredited by The CPD Accreditation Group

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