Person Centred Care Level 2 Training Video CPD
15th September 2018
Epilepsy Seizures e-Learning CPD Training
Epilepsy Seizures e-Learning CPD Training
15th September 2018
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Pressure Ulcer Prevention (Acute) e-Learning CPD

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Pressure Ulcer Prevention (Acute) e-Learning CPD

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Pressure Ulcer Prevention (Acute) – e-Learning CPD

The aim of this module is to provide you with a good basic knowledge of pressure ulcer management, including:

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Learning Outcomes

  • The causes of pressure ulcers: how and why they occur, and which types of patient are most vulnerable to them
  • Current best practice in preventing the development of pressure ulcers
  • How to treat a pressure ulcer when it first appears


60 mins

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Learning online or e-learning courses has a number of obvious advantages which benefit the student.  Other than being able to learn any time and in any place 24/7 add flexibility to the process. Choosing the time suits you to advance your learning.

The coursework is available to the learner to go over and to revise countless of times before finally taking the exam.  Also, should the first results are not satisfactorily, you can retake the exam again.

You are no longer restricted to set hours and having to rebook another course when the exam results are not as good as you can achieve.

  • Online courses run 24/7
  • You can login from any place as long as you have the username & password
  • The course can be revised again countless of times till the learner is ready
  • Exams can be retaken when the results can be improved
  • Certificate will be issued as soon as the exam was completed in the learner’s name
  • Your results kept safe on our system for further use by the learner
  • Courses are 100% guaranteed CPD Accredited by The CPD Accreditation Group
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