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Your Personal Development e-Learning CPD

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Your Personal Development – e-Learning CPD

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Your Personal Development – e-Learning CPD

To be able to do your job well, it is important to understand the main duties and responsibilities of your role, our online ‘Personal Development’ course will give you the knowledge to understand and progress in your role

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Trust being a genuine requirement in any human interaction and can be earned or lost over time.  Losing trust is not necessarily caused by one party acting dishonestly rather than lake of personal investment in the relationship between the two parties.

Business too is heavily rely on trust and the common presumption is to measure the feeling of the customer towards the product and the company who supplied, manufactured and created the item or service.  Indeed much time and effort is invested in the search for better relationship between the provider and the customer.

It is a well known fact that people do buy people and since most products and services are very similar in nature.  Therefore, the seller main contribution to the sale is measured in his approach to his customer and the service he provides, before and after sale.

Many years ago, I went to a lecture and the very first thing the lecturer did was to ask us all a question.  He wanted to know how many people in the audience are “Commission only salesman”? If I remember correctly only two hands went up.  The lecturer then explained that we all COS since judgement is passed on our results and efforts. We are by his definition commission only salesman.


60 mins

Refresher Requirements

Refreshed in accordance with your company guidelines, local and national authoritative guidelines and any regulatory requirements

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