SEO Search Engine Optimisation Measure of Successful Sale Campaign SEO services are now available to be hired out.  

We DO NOT do cold calling, if you reached this page, that means that our SEO did work for this page and our website. was setup as a CPD e-Learning courses providing platform and our main objective is to deliver these training courses at a reasonable rate to both private learners and businesses who are interested in promoting higher level of services and personal achievements to their employees.

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All our Search Engine Optimisation SEO work was carried out in-house and indeed our team developed methods and techniques to promote our services to a wider audience. One sure measure of successful SEO campaign is calculated by the amount of cold calling a business receive from various companies selling their services including SEO specialists.  In order to reach you, the website must be easily found and accessed. We are blessed with enough such calls.

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Quick guide, dealing with Cold Calling:

  • Don’t be rude
  • Don’t get angry
  • Use the call to your advantage
  • Ask which page they refer to on your site
  • Write it down.
  • Politely tell the caller that you have died 5yrs ago
  • Make ghostly noises (Optional)
  • Hung up

Now you can use this information to push your website even further on the google lists.  The best SEO is based on feedback you get from Google, customers and Cold Callers.

When you hear the acronym SEO, it usually means Search Engine Optimisation. And, as you’d expect, SEO in this context means optimising your website for search engines (or, far less likely, optimising a search engine).

But Search Experience Optimization is a newer way to think about the term SEO. Some have even called search experience optimization the “new SEO.”

Search experience optimization is optimizing for people in all the places your brand and content could possibly appear. It goes beyond the nuts and bolts of optimizing for search engines – although those nuts and bolts are still incredibly important!

Search strategies require us to create brand experiences, using the search results to build relevance.

Ninety-three percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, according to a 2006 Forrester study. That means a search engine is the biggest billboard there is for brands.